Meet The Team

Meet the Team:

Architects Of Your Career Success

Chief Executive Officer

Rajiv Bedse

Rajiv is a results-driven Job-Search Mentor, Certified Resume Writer, Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, and a Public Speaker. With a background in Civil Engineering, he migrated to Australia in the late 90s with his family, facing the challenges of starting anew. Despite initial hurdles, Rajiv swiftly rose to become a top Business Development Manager in the Telecom industry. With over 45 years of workforce experience, his passion lies in helping individuals thrive in their careers, particularly immigrant professionals. Rajiv’s empathetic approach and profound understanding of career transitions make him an invaluable asset to the CLA team.


Pratibha Bedse

Pratibha holds a Master’s in Law and a Diploma in Taxation Law. Before migrating to Australia with her family, she worked as a Law Officer in India for nine years. Pratibha’s journey as an immigrant instilled in her a sense of courage and resilience, having made significant career sacrifices for her children’s welfare. With over a decade of professional experience in Australia, including work as an Educator, Pratibha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

17 Years IT & Finance Exp.


Kunal, a top performer in Software Engineering from Melbourne University, boasts 17 years of experience in the IT and Finance sectors. Having worked with industry leaders like ANZ and ME Bank, he excels in developing high-tech software solutions and stakeholder management at an international level. As a Hiring Manager, Kunal’s insights into the recruitment process are invaluable, enabling CLA clients to exceed employers’ expectations and secure their desired roles.

12 Years Health Industry Exp.


With a background in Physiotherapy and remarkable success in the Australian licensing exam, Pyumori is among the top 3% of Physiotherapists in the country. As the proud owner of “Physiowave,“ she brings over 12 years of clinical experience across acute and community settings. Pyumori’s passion for helping others and her involvement in healthcare recruitment make her a vital member of the CLA team, where she shares her experiences to support fellow immigrants in their career journeys.

17 Years Engineering Exp.


Sam, a Mechanical Design Engineer and Project Manager, holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the USA. With over 17 years of experience in new product development within the medical devices sector, Sam excels in resolving complex technical challenges while ensuring cost-effective and efficient solutions. As an immigrant to Australia, Sam shares his expertise and insights to help other professionals secure engineering roles in the country swiftly.