Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We help white-collar professionals from all countries in the world quickly land their perfect jobs in any part of Australia.
This depends on the city you want to settle in, job opportunities in your profession in that town, the skillset and expertise you bring to the table, and most importantly, the attitude and mindset you possess. Typically, our clients who strongly commit to creating their breakthroughs land their dream jobs in around 6 to 12 weeks after completing their mentoring program with us.
The liabilities include but are not limited to, lack of local experience, inability to clearly express in the job interview, unmarketable resume, ineffective LinkedIn profile, inability to come out of comfort zone, mental fears, limiting beliefs, low self-image, and many more. In your initial paid consultation with us, we offer ways to overcome these liabilities.
At CLA, we deal with only immigrant professionals and international Australian graduates. Almost all of them do not possess local experience in their field. If local experience was the only constraint to landing your perfect job none of your clients would get a job in Australia. At CLA we’ve discovered ways to successfully overcome this frightening obstacle.
Absolutely! At CLA we have helped hundreds of immigrant professionals to land $100K+ jobs in their profession in the last over 15 years. Landing your perfect job in Australia is more about the value you add to the employer and how creatively you solve their problems.
Ideally, at least two months before. However, it’s never too late to start anything. The key is to actually get started.
If you apply the tools we share in this course in your job search you can be sure you’ll get the results. How quickly you’ll get the results will depend on how committed and self-accountable you are.
Absolutely. In fact, we offer a double guarantee. Commitment guarantee and Value-for-money guarantee.
Yes! You just need to identify ways to do it. CLA can help you quickly overcome this challenge.
That’s a great question. We recommend visiting the “Key differentiators” page on our website. Our biggest difference-makers are heart-to-heart connections, mindset mentoring, resume creation process, strategic networking techniques, interview preparation, and post-mentoring support. Our results speak for themselves. Feel free to visit our YouTube Channel.

Yes, I would love to schedule initial consultation