About Us

Career Launch Australia (CLA) is an Australian owned and Melbourne based business helping global skilled professionals and Australian fresh graduates to launch their new career in Australia in weeks instead of months and get paid what they deserve … even if they don’t have local experience. As Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Career Launch Australia offers individual and Mastermind group coaching on personal growth & leadership development in areas such as Communication, Leadership, Equipping, Attitude, and Relationships.

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to connect with Australian immigrants with full work rights heart-to-heart, understand their’ situation at emotional level, and professionally “being with them“ throughout their journey to job search and career success.

Personal Growth and Leadership Coaching Expertise

As Maxwell Certified Leadership Coaches, we offer personalized and group coaching in personal growth and leadership development, focusing on Communication, Leadership, Equipping, Attitude, and Relationships. What sets us apart is our empathetic approach, connecting with immigrants at a heartfelt level, guiding them through the job search journey with professionalism and understanding.

Comprehensive Services

Our suite of services encompasses executive resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview preparation, addressing key selection criteria, strategic networking techniques, salary negotiation, personal growth, and leadership development. We are dedicated to transforming lives, deriving our greatest satisfaction from witnessing our clients thrive both professionally and personally.

Inclusive Mentorship

Regardless of your origin or experience level, if you hold a valid visa with ongoing work rights, we can mentor you through your job search journey. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, all you need is an open mind to embrace our innovative strategies.

Noble Purpose

In the last over 15 years we have passionately helped hundreds of immigrant professionals and Australian graduates create a breakthrough in the Australian job market and thrive in their new career in Australia regardless of which city in Australia they wanted to settle in. Feel free to visit our YouTube channel to know how we’ve helped our clients in the past.


Clear Mission

Our mission is clear: to provide tailored job search solutions to immigrant professionals’ challenges through individual mentoring, workshops, seminars, and public speaking engagements. Our holistic approach combines mindset shifts with practical tools, empowering individuals and groups to succeed in Australia and lead fulfilling lives.